Content acquisition teams are finding themselves in an increasingly competitive space, tasked with finding hidden gems and hit shows, no matter where they originate.

Demand for international content is growing at an incredible rate, driven by an exploding number of new VOD services, streaming platforms, and audiences with increasingly globalized tastes.

Great content can come from anywhere and can travel everywhere. Netflix alone boasts such breakout hits as “Lupin” (France), “Money Heist” (Spain), “Kingdom” (South Korea), and “Borgen” (Denmark). “Lupin” generated 70 million views in its first 28 days on the platform, while “Money Heist” Season 4 alone boasts 65 million views worldwide.

Today, acquisition teams are faced with these questions:

  • How relevant are my predictive models in gauging future success? Are they capable of identifying these new break out types of content - or do they keep me looking at low risk outcomes? Today it’s risky to be safe and safe to be risky.

  • How can I use my limited budget most effectively by buying content from new, more cost effective sources?

  • How can we ensure our purchase decisions best match our advertiser relationships, with the AVOD market growing so rapidly?


Our panel of industry experts will:

  • DISCUSS how content buying is becoming increasingly data-driven
  • EXPLORE ways of better bridging the gap between content buyers and marketing teams
  • DEMONSTRATE how to source, negotiate and acquire content that engages an audience with increasingly globalized taste



Vuulr is the largest global online content marketplace for Film & TV rights that connects buyers with producers and distributors worldwide. With Vuulr, content discovery and acquisition takes place digitally, with buyers negotiating directly with sellers, and completing deals online in days, not months.

Buyers use Vuulr for free to instantly access over 27,000 titles/ 160,000 hours of premium content across 60 genres; while sellers can showcase their entire catalogue to over 5,500 buyers worldwide at no upfront cost.

Gruvi provides data driven research using the latest tools & techniques to establish exactly who will be interested in the content we are promoting: the size and demographic of these audience groups, which digital platforms they use, and the topics & themes they discuss in relation to it.

Using these audience research techniques we construct targeted digital strategies for social media and programmatic advertising. Our planning also incorporates predictions on how likely the audience is to meaningfully engage with the campaign.